HEXCraft Version v0.8.0 is available for download on our GitHub.

We are happy to say that this is our biggest update yet, and with it, we are entering Beta phase of testing! Fear not, we will keep adding more features until release, so expect to see a lot of new stuff. However:

WARNING: This version brings a lot of major changes to the internals of the mod, and it will most likely break a ton of already existing HEXCraft blocks in your world, especially the tile entities. Update at your own risk! Please check the “Changes” section of this changelog to read about all affected blocks.

We recommend everyone to update to the latest version.

Please report any bugs you may find either in the official thread or open a new issue on our GitHub


New Features

  • Energy Node (HEX, RF and EU conversion multiblock):
    • A 3x3x3 multiblock designed to convert between any of the following energy types: HEX, RF, EU (And maybe more in future).
    • Constructed out of Hexorium Structure Casing, Energy Node Core and Energy Node Ports.
    • Cores come in four tiers and dictate the energy loss and transfer rate of ports.
    • A port can be placed on any of the six faces of the multiblock.
    • To form the Energy Node, use the Hexorium Manipulator on one of the ports.
    • Ports can be in Input or Output modes (HEX port can also be in Interface and Tunnel modes).
    • Modes can be switched by sneak-right clicking with the Hexorium Manipulator.
    • Ports can be linked using the Hexorium Manipulator once the structure has been formed.
    • HEX ports set to Interface mode will provide a network access to all ports on an Energy Node, allowing you to link ports on separate nodes.
    • A port on one Energy Node can be linked to another on a different Energy Node, provided they are connected with HEX ports set to interface mode.
    • A HEX port set to Tunnel mode will isolate a network and allow to tunnel energy through another network.
    • Ports can be used to simply transport energy (like RF) from one place to another.
    • The whole Energy Node feature can be disabled in the config.
    • You can read about more possibilities, detailed explanations and guides on our wiki. This is our most complex feature yet, so expect bugs and please report them to us if you find any.
  • Hexorium Probe:
    • A new tool used to profile machines and networks.
    • Replaces some of the informative functions of the Hexorium Manipulator.
    • Can be used to list out the details of all Hexorium machines, ports, pylons, valves, pressure plates and blocks used in construction of structures.
    • Sneak-right clicking on the same devices will show detailed info about all connected machines.
    • Sneak-right clicking on Hexorium Cables or Pylon Bases will perform a network analysis and list all machines on that network section.
    • If data doesn’t fit on screen, please open the chat and scroll to see all info.
    • This tool is compatible with BiblioCraft’s Tool Rack.
    • More examples and explanations are available on our wiki.
  • New decorative block added: Hexorium Structure Casing
    • This block comes in all 18 colors including rainbow, can be reinforced using the Hexorium Reinforcer and is designed with connected textures. The block is also used for the construction of the new Energy Node multiblock structure, but can also be used for the construction of the Hexorium Tank as well. Read more on wiki.
  • New component block that doubles as decorative: Advanced Rainbow Core.
  • New blocks used for the creation of Energy Node: Energy Node Cores and Energy Node Ports.
  • Hexorium Lamps (both normal and inverted) can now be used for Hexorium Tank construction. While part of the tank, they can still be turned on and off.
  • Hexorium Manipulator and Molecular Transposer are now compatible with BiblioCraft’s Tool Rack.
  • Hexorium Manipulator can now be used to remove possible dangling render blocks created by Hexorium Tank by sneak-right clicking.
  • Machine GUI is now localized.
  • Added German translation. Credits go to Felixir.


  • Complete rewrite of half the mod, especially the machine code. The new code standardizes the way machines interract, was necessary for the implementation of the Energy Node and will allow for easy adding of new machines in the future. Because of the major changes, this update WILL break many of the HEXCraft machines and blocks in your world. To help you with the transition, we have compiled a list of all the affected blocks and how to reduce the issues when upgrading to a minimum.
    • Hexorium Generator, Hexorium Furnace, Crystal Separator, Matrix Reconstructor, Personal Teleportation Pad
      • Complete rewrite of the tile entities and block meta code. Expect some weirdness like the blocks being stuck in the wrong state and expect it to lose all stored items, stored energy and list of all connected machines. We suggest removing all items you have potentially placed in the machines before updating. To regenerate the internal lists of connected machines, simply remove and place again any part of the network.
    • Energy Pylon
      • Complete rewrite of the tile entities and block meta code. Expect weirdness like pylons being orientated in weird ways and expect all pylons to unlink from each other and expect pylons to lose their inserted monoliths. In addition, we noticed that some pylons might act weird in a way that they completely visually disappear but leave a hitbox going to infinity. We advise you to eject all monoliths from the pylons and break them before updating if you want to avoid having to clean stuff like this up.
    • Tank Valve
      • Complete rewrite of the tile entity. Expect the valve to lose all stored fluid and forget about the tank size. To avoid massive issues (having to replace all blocks of the tank), we advise you pump any fluid you have out of the tank and break the tank before updating.
    • Hexorium Manipulator, Molecular Transposer
      • Internal names of these items have been changed to make them compatible with BiblioCraft’s Tool Rack. Sadly, this means that these items will disappear and you will have to craft them again. We suggest pulling any stored Energized Hexorium out of the Molecular Transposer before updating.
    • Pylon Energy Converter
      • This component item has been renamed to Hexorium Energy Converter. As such, if you had any, they will disappear.
    • In addition, we suggest deleting the config file and recreating it. It is now better structured.
  • Glowing Hexorium Glass no longer connects its texture to differently colored glass. This was done to avoid using cheap glass as middle blocks. Sorry!
  • Hexorium Manipulator can no longer be used to check the mode of Hexorium Pressure Plates and to verify whether certain blocks are part of a tank. This is now done by the Hexorium Probe.
  • Hexorium Manipulator recipe has been changed. While it requires same amount of materials, the layout of items in the crafting grid is different.
  • Hexorium Machine Block has been moved from Decorative creative tab to Components creative tab.
  • The invisible rendering block created by the Hexorium Tank is now non-collidable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where forming a Hexorium Tank would make the decorative blocks reinforced by accident.
  • Fixed a bug where reinforced blocks that are part of a Hexorium Tank would appear unreinforced.
  • Fixed a bug where Hexorium Doors might not correctly respond to power from multiple sides.
  • Fixed a bug where Inverted Hexorium Lamps would not turn on instantly when placed.
  • Potentially fixed a rendering bug where Energy Pylons would appear as if they are randomly unlinking.
  • Fixed an issue with ore generation where the config for worlds other than Nether and Overworld would be used for Overworld.
  • Fixed a possible bug where Personal Teleportation Pads might have their targets bugged when linking fails.
  • Potentially fixed a crash caused by Railcraft’s hidden blocks.
  • Fixed a crash sometimes produced by pumping fluids out of Tank Valve.
  • Disabling the Hexorium Tank will correctly disable the Digital Smartpipe.
  • Fixed a massive issue that would make blocks render weirdly if Hexorium Tank or Personal Teleportation Pad were disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where disabling the Personal Teleportation Pad would cause a crash upon gaining the master achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where Hexorium Tank was not counted towards the machines master achievement.

Your CelesTek team.